” I am around 60 years old and due to my past occupation which involved a lot of physical activity, including heavy lifting, I now often suffer with back and shoulder problems. The pain and muscle aches includes sciatic pain down my leg/s, is bad enough to disturb my rest at night, restrict my ability to work, walk and jog and enjoy active recreation. I also suffer from headaches at certain times, when my back and shoulder problems are acute. Someone suggested that I should try Bowen Therapy.

I found Sue listed in Lara, as a Bowen Therapist, I found Sue to be very approachable and professional in her Therapy. From the first visit, I not only lost the pain, but found myself feeling much better in my general health, able to concentrate better, walk, jog, above all, enjoy life!

Sue sat down and carefully listened as I explained my feelings and areas of pain and discomfort, she took notes as she consulted with me. I found the treatment very easy to accommodate. Bowen is a very subtle, pretty much pain free treatment, that assists the muscles to repair and perform their role in maintaining the joints in their correlation in the body.

For me, I can feel the muscle repair process continuing for a few days post treatment, with a sense of churning within the stomach and body. However, these symptoms subside approximately 24 hours after the treatment.

Sue suggested that I would need another appointment in a week to follow up with the treatment for best results, I was so impressed with the results after a second treatment, I decided it was best to have the treatment done as often as needed. For me, around 3 – 6 months.

I have been a client of Sue’s for around 10 years now, I can highly recommend her as a Bowen therapist.”


” As a cancer patient I approached my haematologist and asked if I could have Bowen Therapy. They were OK with this so I contacted Sue Skilton.

Attending Lara Bowen Therapy has been a wonderful experience for me. I felt relaxed and refreshed after each session. Having a treatment in between my chemotherapy sessions has helped me through the process.

I would highly recommend anyone to go to Sue for Bowen Therapy. “


” Sue has been my Bowen Therapist from the time that she started her Practice.  I get great relief from Bowen as I have arthritis throughout my body.  Bowen is very gentle but is effective.

Sue is very passionate and professional, she treats you as an individual.”


“I have been suffering from lower back pain for a long time; I have tried many other therapies, but without any results. When I came across Lara Bowen Therapy, I thought, why not give it a try? Sue is very knowledgeable in her field, the results were immediate, and above all, I feel more relieved; I can sleep at night without waking up because my back hurts. I recommend 100% sue; she is excellent.”

Merccy, Google review

“My dad was treated by Tommy Bowen back in the early 1960s for a back injury.  I remember going with dad to his treatments and recall the amazing recovery I witnessed.  Fast forward to 2017 when I was suffering with a frozen shoulder with no success with any health modalities I tried.  I discovered we had our own Bowen technique practitioner here in Lara.  Sue is an empathetic, intuitive and professional individual who excels in her field.  After methodical, non invasive Bowen treatments my shoulder was fully recovered in 2017.  I visit Sue now if I feel out of line or have any aches and pains.  She treats the entire body in a calm and relaxed environment. She is highly recommended.”

Ann, Google review

“I have tried lots of other treatments to no avail!  I was at my wits end and I then found Sue from Lara Bowen Therapy. The first time that I saw Sue I could hardly move and I had a headache for 2 weeks nonstop & could hardly lift my right leg & 2 days after I had my appointment with Sue I was like a new person,  I could move freely again with NO pain & NO headache.   After my 2nd visit I have had so much more energy & could work several 12 hour days in a row.  I would sincerely recommend Sue Skilton at Lara Bowen Therapy.”

Tania, Google review

“Have been seeing Sue for a Bowen massage now for quite some time.   Sue provides a very friendly, professional service.  She certainly knows her Bowen.  So when you know your body is not quite right, Sue’s Lara Bowen Massage is the place to go.  Highly recommended.”

Mike, Google review

“I highly recommend Sue.  She is very attentive, thorough and holistic and tailors your session to your specific needs.  She has helped me immensely.”

Bernadette, Google review

“I have received Bowen Therapy from Sue for a number of years,  Two – three treatments/year, and it is always very beneficial.  I have found Sue to be very professional, thorough and caring.  She provides a very pleasant therapy room, with a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.”

Elaine, Google review

“Sue is a calming and gentle woman who has such a vast knowledge of the body, the nervous system and all things wellbeing.  I have been seeing her for quite some time for a back injury that affected my legs, hips and feet.  The pain has reduced significantly and I have more freedom of movement.  I had tried numerous other specialists and did not have any success so I highly recommend Sue as your new Bowen Therapist.  After seeing Sue, I always left our Bowen Sessions feeling light, happy and healthy with a sense of wellness. Michelle.”

Michelle, Google review

“Over the years I have consulted a few Bowen Therapists, Sue at Lara Bowen Therapy would be the best by far.  Extremely professional, capable and caring.”

Susanne, Google review

“I recommend Lara Bowen Therapy to anyone – young or mature as a part of a commitment to wellness.  Sue provides a very thorough and professional Bowen treatment at every visit.  Being new to Bowen, Sue explained each movement in detail and the goals of the treatment plan.  Each appointment includes an assessment of well-being and the treatment plan is customised accordingly.  I thank you Sue and will continue with your therapy.”

Naomi, Facebook review

 “I have known Sue for a number of years through her practice.  I received treatment on a number of occasions.  I was amazed how seemingly simple positions and movements had profound positive changes for my spine.  Thank you.”

Nicholas, Facebook review

“I went in there with a sore back came out with me moving more freely.”

Leanne, Facebook review

“After only 1 session with Sue I’ve noticed an amazing improvement in my body.  Im looking forward to continued Bowen Therapy and relief from chronic pain.”

Dianne, Google review

“I have advanced osteoarthritis in my lower spine.  When I started going to Sue, I was suffering from extremely painful spasms down the right side of my spine.  Laying on the treatment table, trying to roll from my stomach to my back and then trying to get off the table was excruciating.  Even trying to roll over in bed at night would send my back into spasms.  After lots of patience and perseverance from Sue I feel like a different person.  I have to actually make sure that I don’t doze off sometimes with how relaxed she makes me feel.  Although I am still a work in progress, she has done an amazing job of making my everyday life easier.  She has also helped when I was suffering with bursitis in my shoulder.  I would recommend Sue in a heartbeat with her lovely calming nature and gentle hands.  I have tried several different Bowen Practitioners over the years and Sue is without a doubt the best.”

Linda, Facebook review

“Bowen is a gentle, relaxing and energising from of physical therapy which helps reduce my aches and pains.  Other therapies are fine, but I find Bowen is the one for me.  Sue at Lara Bowen Therapy is thorough, professional and ready to answer any questions or concerns I may have.  I highly recommend Sue’s services and the method of Bowen Therapy.”

Jay, Google review

“Bowen Therapy has helped me a lot.  Had started going a couple of months ago, Sue has helped with back and knee.  I highly recommend Lara Bowen Therapy.”

Lissa, Google review

“I presented to Sue with Trigeminal Neuralgia that I have struggled with on and off for many years now along with a lot of other body soreness.  I have had a few treatments and I am happy to say that the pain associated with my Trigeminal Neuralgia has gone and I am feeling a lot better overall.  Bowen treatment with Sue brings me gentle healing and deep relaxation.”

Linz, Google review

“Since going to see Sue at Lara Bowen Therapy I have had great relief from lower back and leg pain,  I leave the session feeling so much better and more mobile.  So very grateful that I found this very talented and empathetic therapist.”

Engelina, Google review

“If anyone is suffering with Plantar Fasciitis Sue fixed me.  I had been suffering with excruciating pain for 18 months.  I had tried dry needling, strapping from podiatrist, shock treatment from Osteopath, then I was advised to try Bowen therapy.  I am forever thankful I found Sue.  She is wonderful, she explained why I had this pain, I trusted her and persevered with her treatment.  Thank you Sue.”

Rosann, Google Review

“I was recently referred to Sue, and can honestly say without any hesitation, she has been my saving grace. Ailments I have put up with for years are finally being managed with successful outcomes.

Her knowledge, understanding, patience, expertise and professional manner are second to none.

I’ve tried other therapeutic techniques and have discovered Bowen Therapy to be the preferred technique that compliments my needs.”

Karen, Google Review

“I can’t recommend Sue from Lara Bowen Therapy highly enough! After trying several Bowen therapists in the past, I can confidently say that Sue is truly exceptional. Her expertise and dedication have brought me unparalleled relief from chronic back pain.

Thanks to Sue’s personalized approach, the relief I’ve experienced has been not only immediate but long-lasting. She has an incredible knack for getting to the root of the issue and addressing it with precision.

If you’ve never experienced Bowen therapy before, Sue is definitely the therapist to see. Her professionalism, skill, and genuine care for her clients shine through in every session. Give Sue a try—you won’t be disappointed!”

Chelsea, Google Review