” Sue has been my Bowen Therapist from the time that she started her Practice.  I get great relief from Bowen as I have arthritis throughout my body.  Bowen is very gentle but is effective.

Sue is very passionate and professional, she treats you as an individual.”


”  As a cancer patient I approached my haematologist and asked if I could have Bowen Therapy. They were OK with this so I contacted Sue Skilton.

Attending Lara Bowen Therapy has been a wonderful experience for me. I felt relaxed and refreshed after each session. Having a treatment in between my chemotherapy sessions has helped me through the process.

I would highly recommend anyone to go to Sue for Bowen Therapy. ”


” I am around 60 years old and due to my past occupation which involved a lot of physical activity, including heavy lifting, I now often suffer with back and shoulder problems. The pain and muscle aches includes sciatic pain down my leg/s, is bad enough to disturb my rest at night, restrict my ability to work, walk and jog and enjoy active recreation. I also suffer from headaches at certain times, when my back and shoulder problems are acute. Someone suggested that I should try Bowen Therapy.

I found Sue listed in Lara, as a Bowen Therapist, I found Sue to be very approachable and professional in her Therapy. From the first visit, I not only lost the pain, but found myself feeling much better in my general health, able to concentrate better, walk, jog, above all, enjoy life!

Sue sat down and carefully listened as I explained my feelings and areas of pain and discomfort, she took notes as she consulted with me. I found the treatment very easy to accommodate. Bowen is a very subtle, pretty much pain free treatment, that assists the muscles to repair and perform their role in maintaining the joints in their correlation in the body.

For me, I can feel the muscle repair process continuing for a few days post treatment, with a sense of churning within the stomach and body. However, these symptoms subside approximately 24 hours after the treatment.

Sue suggested that I would need another appointment in a week to follow up with the treatment for best results, I was so impressed with the results after a second treatment, I decided it was best to have the treatment done as often as needed. For me, around 3 – 6 months.

I have been a client of Sue’s for around 10 years now, I can highly recommend her as a Bowen therapist.”